14 Days of Love


by Brettani Shannon

Show your partner just how much you care this year by celebrating your love for the 14 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Your sweetheart is sure to be swept off their feet by these tokens of love, sweet surprises, and romantic rendezvous. Feel free to switch up these 14 ideas and do them in any order, or take some of ours and add in some of your own! Whatever way you do it, this will surely be a Valentine’s Day your partner will never forget.

Day 1 – Send an LYC ecard
Send your love an e-card today to kick off your 14 days of love. If you have trouble choosing just one, send one every day until Valentine’s Day! No membership required, totally free, and sure to put a smile on their face. LYC has new cards to choose from every week.

Day 2 – Dinner in Bed
Pamper your love tonight with dinner in bed. Casual or elegant picnics in bed are a fun, romantic way to step outside of the box and connect with your partner. See tips and ideas here.

Day 3 – Desktop Theme
“Like so many out there, there my partner lives overseas. For Valentine’s Day, I created a Windows desktop theme of myself for him. I made icons for the recycle bin, wallpaper, and even cursors. I didn’t get around to making sounds (which would’ve been lines from our favorite songs) but I made great screensavers. I make two different themes — a “nice” theme and a “naughty” one. I zipped each theme up individually and sent them both to him. Watching his face on the webcam as he opened them, realizing what they were, then exploring them even more was absolutely wonderful and he adored them. Especially the cursors in the naughty theme, hehe.”
–submitted by ShineyAngel

Day 4 – Whisk your partner away for an impromptu picnic or to watch the sunset.
See more “Intimate Gestures That Anyone Can Do!

Day 5 – Take an LYC love quiz together
With questions that range from your favorite childhood memories to what you’ve always wanted to do in bed, these love quizzes will have you sharing and connecting like never before.

Day 6 – Make them a good old fashioned compilation CD
Burn them a disk of great songs today. Choose love songs that tell how you feel, songs from your favorite movies, songs on their favorites list, or a well planned out mood trip (guide how your love will feel from the minute they leave the house to when they get to work and then back home with your playlist – make them laugh, touch their soul and remind them of just how much you care). Package it up real sweet or slip it into their car CD player for a fun surprise.

Day 7 – Read to each other from a favorite novel, book of poetry, or erotica.
If you don’t already have some, LYC has plenty of reader-submitted romantic stories, poems, and erotica to choose from. See more bedtime romance ideas.

Day 8 – Treat your love to lunch
There is a romantic idea to fit any schedule…

  • Meet them for a lunch date at their favorite restaurant.
  • Pack them a special lunch with a sweet love note or Valentine treat.
  • Have one of their favorite restaurants deliver lunch to them at work.
  • Bring lunch to them for an office picnic.
  • Pack a picnic and have them meet you at the park on their lunch break.
  • Plan a steamy lunch date.

Day 9 – Play a romantic game for two
We’ve got some great suggestions from LYC readers, as well as our own versions of our favorite classic games gone romantic. Grab a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, a yummy snack tray, and let the games begin!

Day 10 – Ten Reasons Why
“For Valentine’s Day, I cut out several hearts that led my boyfriend from the front door to the bedroom. He opened the door to a room full of balloons that covered the ground completely, with some balloons overlapping. In the middle of the room, on a chair, there was a stuffed black dog with boxing gloves on that read, “You’re a Knock Out,” (this was perfect since he loves to box)! There was a poem sitting beside it with candy kisses all around. In the entire room full of balloons, he had to find the 10 special balloons and pop them to find the hidden messages, which were 10 reasons why I love him.”
–submitted by Christina

Day 11 – LYC Printables
Print off a love note and leave it on his pillow, his windshield, or in his lunch. Print off a romantic puzzle to do together, print an award for them, a love journal page, or some Valentine’s Day stationary to write them a love note on.

Day 12 – A “Kissable” Surprise
“I was in a “romantic idea” mood and decided that I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with something while he was at work. I get off an hour earlier than he does, so I drove over to his work and put Hershey kisses all over his car! I left before he came out so I couldn’t see the reaction on his face, but said it was absolutely the sweetest thing any body has ever done for him!”
–submitted by Anonymous

Day 13 – Love Coupons
Good for one: full body massage, dance in the rain, romantic dinner for two, champagne and cuddling by the fire, a kiss anytime, anywhere. Print or email these love coupons and more from Lovingyou.com or make your own.

Day 14 – “Meet Me” Hunt
“On Valentine’s Day, we were both working and were to meet up at home around 6:30 pm. I managed to get off of work around noon, so I decided to do something really special for him. I set things up with the local bakery, florist, and one of his favorite stores to make the night work. I went home and left a big note on the dining table – a place I knew he wouldn’t miss. The note said that I would meet him at the bakery at 7:00. When he got to the bakery, the salesman gave him a cake and another note. This note told him to meet me at the florist, which was nearby. At the florist, he received flowers and a Valentine card, as well as another note. The note said that I’d meet him at one of his favorite stores. When he got there, he collected his already-wrapped gift from the salesman along with his final note. It told him that I’d meet him at one of our favorite restaurants. When he reached there, I was waiting for him with candle-lit dinner. We had a memorable evening and he said he loved it!”
–submitted by Neha


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